After all this time…

Three years. It seems like a long time and it is. Since the theme of my life lately has been to be haunted by the ghosts of relationships past, it’s only fitting that one of those men would decide to text me after 3/almost 4 years. I hadn’t spoken to him since freshmen year of college. We’d hooked up once and it was super awkward and left a lot to be desired. We talked off and on for awhile, but just stopped (he says I stopped talking to him and I say he stopped talking to me). For some odd reason he decided to text me out of the blue the other day to see if I remembered him (why do guys do stuff like that?) and of course I did and of course I still had his number…#facepalm. Naturally being my stupid and at times overly polite self I answered. We’ve been talking since then and of course with my luck he doesn’t live very far away. I don’t really know why, but I agreed to see him this week and now I’m seriously regretting that decision. So we’ll see…stay tuned boys and girls to see what unfolds in this scandalous episode of intrigue, “romance”, and stupidity.


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