Ok so I’m back. Visiting my man friend thing wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. While I must concede it was a tad awkward at times (one of his roommates has a child and the baby mama is now his ex…idk) it was good to see him again. Also he no longer incessantly texts me so that’s a positive. However he does live just down the road from another one of my man things (the 27 year old sailor…that’s another story entirely) so that has the potential to get awkward. Then when I was sitting in the rain passing out fliers for my sorority, if that’s not dedication I don’t know what is, my neighbor who I had a thing with over the summer, but haven’t really talked to in awhile came up to me and we had the longest conversation we’ve had in awhile. I have been wishing on every star and 11:11 I get that our little thang would start back up so you can imagine my excitement. I’m being used for my free pet sitting services again by my parents so my little furry nugget will be staying with me this weekend:). Well neighbor sexy boi has a dog too so he said I should bring my four legged friend by his place so the dogs can have a play date. Maybe we can play too? 😉 A girl can dream right?First discMontana 049That’s Reggie the furry friend. He looks a little bit different as a middle aged man, but every bit as cute.


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