All roads lead to…marriage?

So my friend and I had a deep conversation over some sushi and salad tonight.  We are becoming surrounded by friends that are engaged and married. I’m 21 and she’s 22 which quite frankly, I think, is too young to wed, but what do I know. We both have parents of the “older generation” who didn’t get married til their 30s. While we agree that we want to say I do around 26/27ish we thought about it and realized that’s only 5 years away. 5 years is not a long time. We are both in the process of “guy hopping” and neither one of us has had a long term relationship in awhile. Are we destined to become single 40 somethings roaming the city prowling for men a la the women of Sex and the City? While being a single lady has become much more acceptable it seems like the trend of marrying young is making a resurgence.  As we jump from one failed relationship to another all the truly desirable men seem to be getting snatched up around us. Are there really plenty of fish in the sea? Because most of those fish seem to be bottom feeding carp. Will we just have to settle for tilapia when we really want rainbow trout? While I know the man I end up with will probably not tick all the boxes on the check list, it would be nice to have one that did. So please Mr. Rainbow Trout come fulfill my dreams! Carp need not apply.


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