I walk the line

In the immortal words of Johnny Cash “because you’re mine I walk the line” (also a very good movie). But does someone really have to be yours to “walk the line”? I walk a line with men that aren’t mine. There’s always that invisible line in the sand that I can’t seem to cross. Guys are super complicated and I have yet to master the art of reading them (if any woman is a guru on this please help). I really like a guy and I think he’s showing signs that he likes me and we had a thing for awhile so he should still like me because I still like him, but did he ever really like me that much in the first place…? You know the drill, and yet I can’t just go up to him and say “Hey you! Do you still like me? I hope you do because every time I see you I undress you with my eyes.” I feel like as a woman I should have every right to do that and yet if I did it would be too bold and blunt and probably send the guy running for the hills. (because sadly this isn’t a lifetime movie) So I wait around for him to make a move and agonize over every little thing he does and says. I have to keep that balance between being too shy and risk him being the one that got away, but not be too blunt and un-classy and risk scaring him off…I walk that line. But is walking the line truly worth it or should we say screw the line and just say “Hey you’re hot! If you like me make out with me right now!” ?


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