Ouch! I just fell…in love

Falling in love hurts, it’s painful and raw and exposes our greatest vulnerability. They might as well call it tumbling into love, getting shoved into love, tripping and twisting an ankle into love…you get the picture. As women we are expected to be emotional, passionate creatures that swoon when we look into a man’s eyes…false. I’m not going to pull a Scarlett O’hara and toss myself down a staircase because I’m distraught that my lover has left me or make a dress out of curtains to try to win him back. I’ve always been very independent and pretty clumsy when it comes to expressing my emotions, but for some reason when it comes to men I just can’t seem to control myself. Why? I honestly don’t know. I never had “daddy issues” and wanted to run off to Vegas to become a stripper…excuse me, “exotic dancer”. And one of my biggest pet peeves is overly clingy women who are dependent on men for everything. Ever since coming to college my love life has been like Dante’s 7 circles of hell. Every circle is full of worse and worse men and I always tell myself I won’t fall prey to another jerk, but it always happens. I think oh he’ll be different, he seems so sweet…nope…they’ve all been the same and every time it’s a slap in the face. In spite of myself it’s happening again…I’m falling for someone…he seems so amazing, but I’m so scared that it’s going to be another tripping and twist an ankle kind of love instead of a gentle falling into his arms kind of love.


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