Poetry Tuesday

So I know I’ve been MIA for awhile, but as I’m sure you know it is finals time and I’m attempting to survive that hell. My brain is like swiss cheese at the moment and I’m too exhausted to think of pithy comments. So ladies and gents without further ado…

The Things That Make Me Stay

the way you run your fingers through my hair

when you told me I was gorgeous

the way you smell, warm and comforting

the way you just hold me when I’m sad, trying to make me smile

the way you’re like a big kid, but a man all at once

your passion

the way you hold me close when I’m cold

your kiss

the way I feel safe when I’m in your arms

the rush I get when you touch my skin

the way your hand always finds mine

the way you let me use you as a leg rest and hold you while you work

asking for my opinion

caring about what I say

your soft skin

the way you say you’ll miss me when we go away

you’ll be waiting for me when you get back

the way I want to be with you every day

All these and so much more are the things that make me stay


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