titles are hard and I’m lazy

I spend each day waiting for my heart to be broken again, waiting with anticipation, on the edge of my seat. But not for something good, not for the climax the most exciting part. My heart gets filled with live just to have it drained away leaving my veins filled with blood and regret. Why am I always so stupid? Why will I never be happy?


All I post are poems no one will read

Yay procrastination…the end.

If I told you what I’m feeling would it scare you away

Or would it make you want to stay

I told myself don’t get attached, like all the others this won’t last

Like a fleeting summer breeze

Like the falling of autumn leaves

But then you put your hand on my knee…

the way you looked at me

I knew I could never be free

But I saw a sadness there

As you ran your fingers through my hair

And told me we’re something that can never truly be